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August 25, 2014

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Like playful puppies and cuddly like kittens. My little litter is bigger. Not in number, but in size. When I first took them home from the hospital, Lucky was 3.5 lbs and Stone was 5.5 lbs. They were so tiny, I actually wanted to live in the hospital where doctors and nurses were just a button press away. But they made us leave… and thank God, my babies thrived. Today, August 25th, they have become 1 1/2 year old people.

I can’t help but to marvel at them every day. They come home from school with art. They eat their meals with a fork. They help me put their toys away… Granted they also rip the art, fling their food-on-a-fork, and throw around far more toys than they put away… but why count anything but the positive here. Because up. Up in size and up in knowledge. And infinitely upping in mommy love points!


Tip: As they still chew on everything, I was a wee weary of getting my babes crayons, but I went in search of toddler ones anyway. Instead, however, I found these Crayola Twistables which I love, as try as they might, they can’t eat them! My concern with using them is the use of plastic and our environment. Pssst…. hey Crayola, at least make them refillable. All things considered anyway, I’d probably use more resources in having to buy more crayons when they break (or get eaten) and these should last a while.  (btw, not a sponsored post)

Note: You can see I started painting the walls, but around here, projects get done in baby steps these days, as time allows. Consider it sort of a before (it’s finished) picture :)

sweet 16 (months)

July 5, 2014

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Favorite things to do:
Stone: singing (the “up above the” part of Twinkle Little Star is one of his specials)
Lucky: dancing (she sticks one elbow out and does a cute little limp-in-a-circle dance with a coquettish little shoulder move)

They both love to kiss… me, each other and anyone else that crosses their little pouty lipped paths. They are each both happy and moody. But mostly happy, thank Goodness. When we get to school, they walk into their classroom, climb up the stepping stool, turn the water on and wash their hands, first thing. Then they dry them and throw the paper towel in the trash. They insist on seating themselves on chairs and sofas… and occasionally even stay seated. They climb quite well to detriment of my nerves… but I am so thankful for their abilities. They’ve really become my independent little sweet 16 month olds. I never imagined that I’d be seeing them do so much so quickly. I thank God every day for such beautiful, healthy, amazing, sweet babies.

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two are one

February 27, 2014

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I was up late into Friday night, a mama elf on Birthday Eve, baking lots of (72) strawberry and lemon cupcakes for Lucky & Stone’s first birthday party. I used cake mixes that I altered by adding almond and vanilla extracts, made the whipped cream cheese frosting from scratch, and added fresh blueberries on top of each cupcake. They turned out pretty yum… and were a huge hit.

My sweet little sister had offered to buy their cakes, but I really wanted to bake for their first birthday party. And even though they were just semi-homemeade, I was so excited to do it. Choosing all of the little details… like making half of the cupcakes yellow lemon and half pink strawberry, the blue and white plaid cupcake liners from the Michaels dollar section, the gorgeous mustard polka dot ones from Marshalls… I loved every exhausting minute of it all. The candles were actually Hanukkah ones that I got on clearance at Target after the holidays. I think Hanukkah candles are so pretty… and these just happened to be the right colors.

Speaking of which, after considering several different color scheme combinations that could work for a girl/boy birthday, I finally was inspired by Lucky’s little vintage navy corduroy romper with a little pink and creme floral bow on the front. But not quite satisfied with just navy and pink, finding those mustard polka dot liners was quite the thrilling moment, as I knew it was the perfect addition to the color family. I also wanted to incorporate some creme, but didn’t want more decorations, so, the food (yes, food color is important :), the garland, and a few creme balloons did the trick. I was so happy with the way it all came together… it felt special, old time-y, and just right for my little girl and boy.

I have to admit that they weren’t that thrilled about the hats I made them (ok, they hated them) but they loved their smash cakes and had a ton o’ fun. I’m thankful for such a great celebration of the first year of life of my two littles. And more importantly, for their lives in mine.Birthday1Birthday2BD4

i present

January 13, 2013

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My two mysterious little ones, “Lucky & Stone,”  which are now 33 weeks in the making, are already my biggest inspirations in life.

I nightdream and daydream about my boy/girl twin babies and what they will be like. When I dream of them while sleeping at night, they always look different. They’ve been of different ethnic origins and even of slightly different species… they’re never the same babies. What is always consistent, however, is how much I love them in each dream. And that the love is still there when I wake up!

And when I daydream of them I try to imagine what they’ll look like and what personality traits they’ll have. It’s so exciting to wonder. I have these two little presents wrapped up in my belly and I can only open them on their birthday. But when will that day be?

I’m hoping to schedule my Cesarian for the 22nd of February. That will put them at 38 weeks and I hope we can all wait until then. The doctor told me his partners typically schedule them for 37 weeks but he likes to wait until 38. I like that, and wait we will try, as the longer I can hold on, the riper my pair will be.

 But oooh, the anxiety of waiting to open the biggest gifts of my life…