Two are two

February 25, 2015

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Tomorrow Lucky & Stone will be two years old. TWO!
So I spent much of today being very aware that this is the last day that they would be considered one year olds. And as I had to take in as much of it as I could, naturally, I smothered the crap out of them. Luckily they are very affectionate and for the most part didn’t mind and even reciprocated.

My two sweeties have kept me extremely busy these past two years. And if “the terrible two’s” are all they’re cracked up to be… then I’m terribly terrified. Because it’s challenging. And very, very exhausting. But… here come the clichés… It’s all worth it. They are so worth it. I have never felt a love so intense, from the moment I knew of them… and it has grown every. single. day. And now that they express their love for me so sweetly, I swear my heart could burst. By now I have had many “discoveries” about motherhood that I had already read about, or been told about many times before. It’s amazing that despite the infinitely distinct situations we find ourselves in, it’s as if we are all meant to have many of the same moments in life. There are simply things that we must all experience as parents.

Being the mother of Lucky & Stone, and all of the things that come with it has been the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. And to think that it’s only the beginning of my turn to experience some of those common mommy moments. Because my “newborns” are already turning two… but they are only turning two.

So every morning I am thankful for another day with them. And every night I give thanks for having spent (and survived) that day with them. And I savor their pudgy hands, tiny bodies, and little voices, and all the funny little things that they do and say. And I want to remember forever. And when it’s bed time, after their bath, brushing and books routine, I always carry them to bed, one at a time, letting them know just how much they are loved. Tonight, as I did so, with many kisses I said goodbye to one year old Lucky and Stone. In the morning I will say hello to two two year olds. Despite the part of me that feels sad to see my babies un-baby, I am so thankful and excited to continue to see them growing and developing into amazing little people. I’m going to go give my one year olds one last kiss tonight, and then look forward to smothering some two year olds tomorrow!

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