our little Christmas…

December 26, 2014

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I’d really like for my Lucky and Stone to grow up appreciating everything they have. So I like to keep presents simple. They each got one and a half presents from mommy. A magnetic drawing toy for each, and a wooden box of block shapes to share. And they played happily with them all day! They did also get presents from family and friends, but I love that they were spaced out throughout several days. This way I feel that they were able to appreciate each and every thing that they received. I am so thankful for this Christmas. My babies are healthy and happy and we have everything that we need and so much more. And this year more than any, I feel an intense appreciation for what Christmas truly means…. the celebration of the birth of Christ. Perhaps it’s because there is so much love in my little ones that I am overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for the gift of life itself. Of mine, of theirs, of yours.TwindwellBabesTwindwellLoveThank You for this, and everything, and happy birthday.


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