Clutch Organization in a snap

September 5, 2014

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I’ve always had a hard time figuring out how to store my vintage clutches. In the past, I’ve resorted to baskets (which make them hard to see) or just stacking them, which has always ended up in a mess after a few clutch clutchings. When I recently re-did my tiny closet, I was inspired to come up with not just one, but two super simple, cost-efficient ideas to organize clutches that work really well.

1]  Line your clutches up on a shelf and use brass duck head bookends to hold them up. Okay  they don’t have to be brass… or ducks. Or heads. Actually, there are so many amazing bookends out there that I would love to see how other people put this idea to use.

2]  If your clutches have flaps, use the flaps to hold them up on hangers. If there is a button on the inside of a flap, snap it to secure in place. (This clearly only works for enflapped clutches.)

TwindwellClutchOrganization3bThat’s it! Both of these clutch organization ideas are super easy, allow for you to see and grab your bag of choice easily, and might even add a little cute to your closet. It just couldn’t be easier. De nada, monada!

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