DIY : grippy non-slippy socks

September 1, 2014

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As parents of wobblers and toddlers, at some point, we’ll have to deal with slippery floors. Lucky and Stone were recently moved to a different classroom in school. One in which they must have their shoes off, and always wear socks. But the floor is hard and slippery, and unless theirs are non-slippy socks, it could be a problem. So I started digging through their many tiny socks, and realized that most of them are not gripped. My option was to either buy more grippy socks, or turn their existing socks into grippy ones. Luckily, the latter is really simple and way more inexpensive.

All you need is puff paint (and love). Small tubes of Tulip Puffy Paint are only about a dollar each. I advise you try the paint on a sheet of paper first, so that you get the feel for how it flows. Otherwise you might end up with blobs, which hey, those’ll work too. Do make the paint thick enough that it will grip. My first couple of pairs were a bit thin and didn’t quite feel grippy enough. You can insert cardboard, or a roll of toilet paper in the sock if you think the paint might bleed through, but I just flattened mine and there was no seepage.  I’ve read that the paint will eventually crack after being washed, so it’s better to paint several smaller designs than to create one big one. Simple dots work really well, are quick & easy, and always look cute. Once you’re socks rock, set them to dry for at least 4 hours before putting them on your little ones for that dance off they’ve been itching for.

While you’re at it…. why not make a pair or two non-slippy socks for yourself and show those babies some real fancy footwork!
Grippy Sock DIY

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