August 25, 2014

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Like playful puppies and cuddly like kittens. My little litter is bigger. Not in number, but in size. When I first took them home from the hospital, Lucky was 3.5 lbs and Stone was 5.5 lbs. They were so tiny, I actually wanted to live in the hospital where doctors and nurses were just a button press away. But they made us leave… and thank God, my babies thrived. Today, August 25th, they have become 1 1/2 year old people.

I can’t help but to marvel at them every day. They come home from school with art. They eat their meals with a fork. They help me put their toys away… Granted they also rip the art, fling their food-on-a-fork, and throw around far more toys than they put away… but why count anything but the positive here. Because up. Up in size and up in knowledge. And infinitely upping in mommy love points!


Tip: As they still chew on everything, I was a wee weary of getting my babes crayons, but I went in search of toddler ones anyway. Instead, however, I found these Crayola Twistables which I love, as try as they might, they can’t eat them! My concern with using them is the use of plastic and our environment. Pssst…. hey Crayola, at least make them refillable. All things considered anyway, I’d probably use more resources in having to buy more crayons when they break (or get eaten) and these should last a while.  (btw, not a sponsored post)

Note: You can see I started painting the walls, but around here, projects get done in baby steps these days, as time allows. Consider it sort of a before (it’s finished) picture :)

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